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Performance Review

“Performance Review Project”

The Washington State Board of Accountancy (the “Board”) awarded a contract to Zwillinger Greek Zwillinger & Knecht PC of Phoenix, Arizona to complete an independent review of the adequacy, de-facto observance and practical effectiveness of the Board’s policies and procedures for public record keeping, the evaluation of compliance by public accountants with accounting procedures and ethical rules and the investigation and disposition of complaints. The performance review project will also involve an evaluation of the efficacy, economy, and accountability of merging the Board into the department of licensing as mandated by the 2010 legislature.

Zwillinger Greek Zwillinger & Knecht began its work on May 12, 2010, and on August 11, 2010 provided the Board with a report on the first phase of the legislative proviso.  The Board is evaluating the contractor’s recommendations and will also provide a copy of the complete report to the appropriate legislative committees by December 1, 2010.

“Merger Report”

In May 2010, the Legislature adopted, and Governor Gregoire signed, a supplemental budget for the 2010-2011 fiscal period.  Section 144 of that budget allocated money for the above Performance Review Report, but added an express requirement that the consultant or consultants preparing that Report also evaluate the "efficacy, economy, and accountability" of merging the Washington State Board of Accountancy ("BOA") into the Washington State Department of Licensing ("DOL") and deliver the Merger Report to "the appropriate committees of the legislature" by December 1, 2010

Zwillinger Greek Zwillinger & Knecht began its work on the Merger Report on  October 4, 2010, and on December 1, 2010, delivered the Merger Report to the appropriate legislative committees.